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Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 08:11:21 EST

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    > Christians are certainly _not_ called "to interpret the Bible from a=20
    > Darwinian=20
    > perspective." Instead, they should interpret evolution (which is not=20
    > synonomous with=20
    > "Darwinism," though Darwin's insights are major components of an adequate=20
    > evolutionary=20
    > theory) from a Biblical perspective.
    > =20

      Charles Darwin articulated the processes of natural selection. It is=20
    selection that runs through the Bible. Natural selection is the Biblical=20
    perspective, not evolution which can be applied to any type of system=20
    biological or otherwise, no quite specifically, darwin himself pointed out=20
    the Bible's reference to the "principles of selection" in biological systems=


    In Chapter 1 of Charles Darwin=E2=80=99s The Origin of Species, titled Varia=
    under Domestication under the heading Principles of Selection Anciently=20
    Followed and Their Effects, Darwin makes the following reference: =E2=80=9CF=
    passages in Genesis, it is clear that the colour of domestic animals was at=20
    that early period attended to.=E2=80=9D =20

    He says principles of selection which describes perfectly Darwin's biologica=
    focus, not principles of evolution.=20


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