Re: Does the Bible teach a flat earth?

Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 07:49:27 EST

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    > "As part of this process of mythologizing the Bible, the myth of the
    > 'three-stories universe' as the worldview before the Enlightenment was
    > forged, with the celestial bodies fixed to a solid firmament above a
    > flat earth, and hell underneath. Yet the sphericity of the earth was
    > known at least since Pythagoras in the sixth century BC, and not much
    > later all educated persons in the ancient world and throughout medieval

    What if instead of reflecting current 6th cent. cosmological thought, the
    myth of creation in the Bible reflected ancient theological thought about the

    He by whom the awesome sky and the earth was propped up and the sun who
    measured out the middle realm of space - whom is the god we should worship
    with the oblation? rg veda 10.121.5

    When the high waters came, pregnant with the embryo that is everything,
    bringing forth fire, he arose from that as the one life's breath of the gods.
    Whom is the god we should worship with the oblation? rg veda 10.1221.7


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