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From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 13:18:41 EST

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    Hi John,

    It's nice of you to write :-)

    >Wally wrote (about a month ago): "The proper response is manly atheism.
    >Seize the bull by the horns and live life without the God that does not
    >exist anyhow. ... IMO that leads one to eventually think the problem
    >completely and tends to result in the path followed by C. S. Lewis: From
    >atheism to theism to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."

    >A recent book, THE MOST RELUCTANT CONVERT, by David Downing is a great
    >description of the process C. S. Lewis went through. The Dec 2002 issue of
    >PERSPECTIVES has my review on it -- an earlier version of my review, along
    >with ties to the thoughts of Blaise Pascal, was published two months ago on

    >Jim -- I really recommend this particular book very highly. What C. S.
    >went through, I also encountered, and it may be what you are beginning to
    >encounter also. Even if not, it is fascinating reading.

    I hope the ASA continues to press the weakness of creationism (which I,
    personally, just about equate with YEC). I do think this cancer in our
    culture is best opposed by Christians (that gives Christians an escape
    path like I had in Creation and Time, by Hugh Ross).

    But, obviously I am not the first person to stumble across intellectual
    challenges to Christianity. I would like to mention one thing. My
    exiting Christianity WAS NOT A CHOICE. It was sort of like coming to a
    red light at an intersection. As nice as is would be if the darn thing
    were green, reality is reality. Unfortunately, your post doesn't leave
    much to comment on, as it is merely a referral.


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