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Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 11:13:08 EST

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    >From a post by Preston Garrison:

    [large delete of original text]
    > is easy to imagine how physicians who ignore
    > or neglect the Darwinian aspects of medicine or the evolutionary
    > origin of humans can make bad clinical decisions. The current crisis
    > in antibiotic resistance is the result of such decisions."

    You pose a real delimma! Let me make clear
    here that I categorically reject YEC notions outright,
    for anyone who hasn't figured that out by now.
    I also am quite skeptical that ID
    arguments are going anywhere as well.

    However, I do not like this example,
    because all ranks of doctors are guilty
    of this practice of "hand the sot a pill":
    evolutionists and YEC alike. Post facto
    blaming that screw up on YEC-thinking is
    shameful covering of the behind. We must
    confess our screw ups, or we learn little
    or nothing from them.

    As long as a doctor practices procedures
    according to well established AMA standards,
    their personal views about what they want to
    believe are not something I think I can or
    should control. I would hope my teaching would
    persuade them that evolution is at least something
    they don't have to fear as a threat to their faith
    as a religious person, but if they refuse
    to change, putting a gun to their head does
    violence to everyone's personal freedom: atheist
    and theist alike.

    A far more important and less easily evaluated
    matter are the true _motives_ of someone going into
    medicine. If their true desire is to heal, to care
    for the needy, to go wherever they are called,
    then surely, they will also do their best to
    follow proper procedures of medical care
    irrespective of their prior religious views.
    Who am I to be the gate keeper to _these_ kinds
    of personal values, even if the person is a YEC?

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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