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    I have pointed this out before but some weren't here to see it. Even the
    'catastrophic' rate of infill isn't very catastrophic.

    (Ryan et al, Marine Geology 138:119-126). The water rose 400 feet in a year.
    Given the slope of the southern Black sea bed, it means that the people had
    before you would have to swim. There are no mountains being covered, and
    shoreline was not out of sight--ever. I would have thought that such a Black
    infilling would have been labeled the long march rather than the great

    The slope of the Black Sea bed is such that 400 feet in a year means that
    people have to move about 3 houses down the block each day for a year. That
    is hardly the stuff of legend.


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         Some time ago, I posted a couple of notes about an article in GSA Today
    that called into question the Black Sea flood idea, popularized
         by Ryan and Pitman. The latest GSA Today has a note in which the
    authors cite additional papers, of which they were unaware at the
         time of writing, which support their gradual flooding model for the
    Black Sea.

       Thanks, an abrupt flood would fill the bill but a gradual flood might only
    serve to induce mass migrations. It's a shame Ryan and Pitman's PBS
    documentary on the issue is already obsolete.
       Do you have any information on the suggestion that the story of the flood
    comes from the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh?


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