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Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 09:43:51 EST

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    I am familiar with gnosticism. I have had both pagels books for many years
    and have the complete nag hammadi collection. I've read the gospel of thomas
    a number of times but I was curious about the way you used the word. when you
    said a 'gnostic' god walking around in a body, I conceptualized, God the
    Father (omniscient, omnipotent) inhabiting the corporeal body of God the Son
    rather than what I think of gnosticism to be which is a human discipline for
    communion with God without supernatural qualities at all. In fact, a few of
    the parables of Jesus are very similar, almost identical to Zen koans. The
    'gnosticism' of Zen does not claim a supernatural component at all. I'm
    trying to understand how you are using gnosticism when you say a gnostic God
    walking around in a body.
    I appreciate your generous reply

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