Re: Did Jesus know the genetic code?

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Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 16:42:19 EST

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    My sentiments exactly.

    My point is that God becoming Man involved becoming as ignorant as a baby.
    Hence a wonderful Saviour who is like us yet is divine.

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    Subject: Did Jesus know the genetic code?

    > The question posed in my subject heading is, on one level, as
    > reasonable as "Did
    > Jesus know that the earth was round?" If one claims that, because he
    > was the Son of God
    > he must have known that the earth was round then he must have also
    > know that it isn't
    > exactly spherical, its quadrupole, octupole &c moments as well as the
    > genetic code, the
    > details of nuclear fusion &c.
    > There is no compelling reason to make such a claim - & also
    > no drop-dead
    > argument to reject it. I belive that the divine kenosis should be taken
    > complete seriousness, that God Incarnate lived a human life under the
    > conditions of
    > finite humanity in 1st century Palestine, & that limitation of
    > knowledge was part of
    > this. Some NT texts (Mk.5:30 & 13:32, Lk.2:52) point rather explicitly in
    > direction. OTOH, he was (& is) God Incarnate & when all is said and
    > done, we don't have
    > access to the inner workings of his mind.
    > That's "on one level," the theological. On the purely
    > historical level there's
    > nothing impossible about Jesus having known the shape of the earth -
    > & even its size -
    > found by Greek science. There was a strong presence of hellenistic
    culture in
    > Palestine, & we simply don't know how much familiarity with it Jesus
    > had. OTOH we have
    > no indication in the gospels that he ever gave any thought to the
    > shape of the earth,
    > nobody trying to trap him by asking, "Rabbi, is the earth round or flat"
    > So the question about Jesus' views on the shape of the earth
    > may be like asking
    > what I think is the world's greatest soccer team. I've never given
    > any thought to it,
    > don't know, & don't very much care.
    > Shalom,
    > George
    > --
    > George L. Murphy

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