Did Jesus know the genetic code?

From: George Murphy (gmurphy@raex.com)
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 11:15:51 EST

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    The question posed in my subject heading is, on one level, as
    reasonable as "Did
    Jesus know that the earth was round?" If one claims that, because he
    was the Son of God
    he must have known that the earth was round then he must have also
    know that it isn't
    exactly spherical, its quadrupole, octupole &c moments as well as the
    genetic code, the
    details of nuclear fusion &c.
            There is no compelling reason to make such a claim - & also
    no drop-dead
    argument to reject it. I belive that the divine kenosis should be taken with
    complete seriousness, that God Incarnate lived a human life under the
    conditions of
    finite humanity in 1st century Palestine, & that limitation of
    knowledge was part of
    this. Some NT texts (Mk.5:30 & 13:32, Lk.2:52) point rather explicitly in this
    direction. OTOH, he was (& is) God Incarnate & when all is said and
    done, we don't have
    access to the inner workings of his mind.
            That's "on one level," the theological. On the purely
    historical level there's
    nothing impossible about Jesus having known the shape of the earth -
    & even its size -
    found by Greek science. There was a strong presence of hellenistic culture in
    Palestine, & we simply don't know how much familiarity with it Jesus
    had. OTOH we have
    no indication in the gospels that he ever gave any thought to the
    shape of the earth,
    nobody trying to trap him by asking, "Rabbi, is the earth round or flat" &c.
            So the question about Jesus' views on the shape of the earth
    may be like asking
    what I think is the world's greatest soccer team. I've never given
    any thought to it,
    don't know, & don't very much care.


    George L. Murphy

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