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    >Can we prove this to be true?
    >What evidence could we look for or expect to find?
    >How could we prove it?

    Actually, the first question is exactly what "this" is. The popular
    idea is of the sun and moon standing still (to the perspective of an
    earthly observer). However, a long battle in the Palestinian sun is
    not desirable, and the "stopping" of the sun could be shade rather
    than a pause in apparent relative motion. Another suggestion is
    extra-long daylight, again without regard to the apparent position of
    the sun. Not being certain just what happened in the incident, it is
    very difficult to find an appropriate test.

    Another difficulty is the uncertainty in dating Joshua. Certainly we
    do not know the exact year, and so do not know exactly when to look
    for unusual features. Conversely, pinning down the exact year for
    records of daily events such as growth lines (tree rings, etc.) is
    also difficult. Thus, to identify a specific anomaly as
    corresponding to the time of interest involves significant

    Note that the fradulent scenario, of a computer reconstructing past
    orbits and finding a one-day discrepancy, would not work. The
    computer would calculate away, with no way to know that there was a
    discrepancy between its extrapolations and reality, even assuming
    that reality was different (note, for example, that a temporary
    freeze in all orbits would mean that the computer reconstruction
    would be fully accurate; it would merely fail to indicate a brief

    The best evidence is the Biblical account. If we accept the Bible as
    authoritative, then we have evidence that something unusual happened
    during the battle.

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