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    evolutionary biology
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    >according to the first theory that integrates the fields of
    >evolutionary biology and economic growth.<

    Darwin was influenced by Malthius's economic ideas. Soon afterwards,
    Marx tried to integrate evolutionary biology and economics. Marx's
    ideas on evolution are incorrect by modern standards, and his
    economic system has consistently failed in practice, but the attempt
    is not nearly as novel as the press release claims. In fact, the
    claim that hunter-gatherer societies were extremely egalitarian
    sounds like they may be drawing on Marx to some extent. Likewise,
    the tradeoff between number of offspring versus the care for each one
    is a long-recognized issue of cost and benefit in evolutionary
    biology, and costs and benefits are rather significant in economics.

    Some parts of the "new theory" seem to take an extreme genetic
    determinism viewpoint, which is certainly incorrect with regard to
    intelligence. A poor environment will have significant negative
    effects on intelligence, regardless of the genes; likewise, a
    positive environment will help.

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