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Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 07:48:00 EST

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    > Jim wrote:
    > " ...With a few exceptions, I think
    > most of this list has accepted Gen 1-11 as mythology/exaggeration.
    > It's gotten a little boring to talk about."
    > I'm coming in on the tail end of this, but I believe I am one of the "few
    > exceptions".
    > How few are we?
    > Jay Willingham

      Genesis mythology is fascinating. Genesis 11, the Tower of Babel 'myth' is
    a real war strategy used by the Assyrians against Israel in 738 BC. Tiglath
    Pilaser III used it. Population transfer erases national identities (so says
    the Jewish Historical Atlas). That's how the Samaritans, still outcasts in
    the NT period, originated.

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