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From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2002 - 04:36:52 EST

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    Blake writes

    >> Hi Blake,
    >(snipped some stuff about the Bible and evolution)

    >> Blake, you are obviously very intelligent, and think
    >> on
    >> a "high" level. But even the most intelligent folks
    >> can
    >> rationalize away reality that they aren't prepared
    >> to accept.
    >> Nobody believed in evolution when the Bible was
    >> written.
    >> Although I admire your tenacity, we have trouble
    >> finding
    >> a starting point for discussion when we can't even
    >> agree
    >> about this.

    >In other words, you are right (even though before you
    >were, by your current view completely wrong), you know
    >that you are right and all other viewpoints are the
    >result of wrong thinking, including wish fulfillment,
    >dogma, etc?

    Show me a human who's never been wrong and I'll show
    you a very arrogant person.

    >Honestly, Jim, if you were so wrong before (twice
    >before, by your count), how do you know you are so
    >right now? Your current ardency doesn't inspire
    >confidence in light of your past ardency for positions
    >you now think totally wrong.

    Do you expect humans to evolve back into apes? In light
    of new information we all need to adjust our positions.

    >The point of my question was to bring out the fact
    >that you haven't really thought hard about your
    >statements. What is "perfect" vs. "imperfect" about
    >evolution? If you mean evolution is an "imperfect"
    >process, by what standards would you measure it as
    >imperfect? Isn't doing so merely anthropomorphizing
    >wish fullfilment that you assume religion and
    >religious people do?

    If you think the world is imperfect then you know what
    I mean by imperfect evolution. If I was in charge there
    would be no diseases and enough food for everyone, for

    While I'm writing, I'm curious how many of the NT miracles
    you accept. I won't be offended if you consider that to be
    too personal a question. With a few exceptions, I think
    most of this list has accepted Gen 1-11 as mythology/exaggeration.
    It's gotten a little boring to talk about.

    Take care,


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