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From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sat Dec 07 2002 - 14:22:06 EST

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    Hi Blake,

    >> Science says
    >> human suffering is a
    >> result of imperfect evolution.

    >This is radically new news to me. Could you please
    >provide a citation to a refereed scientific journal,
    >or even a college or high school biology text book?
    >If this is an opinion you have reached on your own,
    >please explain what constitutes perfect evolution. Do
    >you understand evolution to be teleological? If so,
    >how do you conclude that it is and what is the telos
    >of evolution?
    >How does the imperfect achivement of the telos
    >(whatever if may be) of evolution result in suffering?

    No real news here. Just survival of the fittest or luckiest.
    I imagine that my views about the concept of sin being the cause
    of disease, suffering, and death are best kept to myself.

    >> Note: you can't say "because the
    >> Bible says so"
    >> because you believe in evolution and the Bible
    >> clearly does not.

    >I am also amazed at this conclusion. Could you please
    >point me to your source for this statement? We were
    >trying to have a conversation off-list about this very
    >topic, but you seemed to lose interest and did not get
    >back to me. Perhaps we should try to take it up

    Blake, you are obviously very intelligent, and think on
    a "high" level. But even the most intelligent folks can
    rationalize away reality that they aren't prepared to accept.
    Nobody believed in evolution when the Bible was written.
    Although I admire your tenacity, we have trouble finding
    a starting point for discussion when we can't even agree
    about this.


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