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Date: Sat Dec 07 2002 - 18:57:08 EST

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    --- Jim Eisele <> wrote:
    > Science says
    > human suffering is a
    > result of imperfect evolution.


    This is radically new news to me. Could you please
    provide a citation to a refereed scientific journal,
    or even a college or high school biology text book?

    If this is an opinion you have reached on your own,
    please explain what constitutes perfect evolution. Do
    you understand evolution to be teleological? If so,
    how do you conclude that it is and what is the telos
    of evolution?

    How does the imperfect achivement of the telos
    (whatever if may be) of evolution result in suffering?


    > Note: you can't say "because the
    > Bible says so"
    > because you believe in evolution and the Bible
    > clearly does not.

    I am also amazed at this conclusion. Could you please
    point me to your source for this statement? We were
    trying to have a conversation off-list about this very
    topic, but you seemed to lose interest and did not get
    back to me. Perhaps we should try to take it up

    All the Best,


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