Re: Jacob: Was Evolution & Identity of the ID designer

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Date: Sat Dec 07 2002 - 15:37:42 EST

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    (quite a piece cut)

    >Up until now, we have been speaking of an allegory underlying the story of=20
    >Jacob and Esau and Jacob and Laban's flocks and continuing with Jacob's sons=
    >all the way to Joseph's emergence as ruler over his elder brothers. We see=20
    >that allegory in augustine's remark. The rule underlying the allegory is tha=
    >cunning or intelligence is favored by God but the allegorical thread begins=20
    >earlier in genesis. The source of the allegory is the fall of adam and eve:

    "Allegory" ? On what do you base that?
    Besides, "cunning or intelligence" is never favoured by God, not even in
    Jacob's time. God is gracious and forgives sins. I was not aware that you
    were talking as if it was an allegory. I would have reacted sooner.


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