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Date: Sat Dec 07 2002 - 11:46:30 EST

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    > God's judgment upon the Amelekites was perfectly just--their cup was full.
    > Why is this so hard?!?
    > TG

    It is helpful to read Herodotus' Histories to be immersed in the warlike
    tribal Biblical milieu. Herodotus lived about a hundred years after the
    babylonian exile and wrote a lot about war. In the wars he describes, entire
    tribes are wiped out - the finest females in a conquered population are
    drafted into concubinage - the finest males are murdered or castrated and
    enslaved so they will have no descendants. It is also instructive to read
    the book of Job. In the book of Job God is not moral or immoral, He is amoral
    as he will destroy the life of a blameless man whose only recourse is
    repentance. I accept God's harsh judgment as in the book of Job TG, but you
    ask why is this so hard. It is hard TG. It is hard. I have witnesssed the
    death of an innocent. It is very hard.

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