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Date: Sat Dec 07 2002 - 09:43:57 EST

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    > Let me comment briefly on it. Augustine's interpretation that this =
    > oracle refers to Israel's subsequent hegemony over its neighbor Edom, =
    > with which it was often in conflict, makes the most sense and is =
    > commonly accepted, whether one interprets it proleptically or as a =
    > prophecy, for it explicitly refers to the peoples who descend from each =
    > brother; thus the geneology of Esau in chap. 36 assumes an importance =
    > because of this subsequent history. That is why the translation of the =
    > last line that Rich defends is the usual and accepted one.

    Augustine is referring to more in this quote than simply that the descendants
    of jacob would rule over the descendants of esau but that "He [Christ] is
    the Lord of His brethren, because His people rules over the Jews." The elder
    is Judaism, the younger is Christianity.

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