Re: George's reply to Howard

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sat Dec 07 2002 - 04:02:37 EST

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    Terry writes

    >Well, to honest about the character of God involves recognizing that
    >He is holy and we are not (and thus justly deserving of His wrath)
    >and that he is free to execute His righteous judgment when and where
    >He choses. Those who escape this wrath, do so by His mercy, which He
    >is free to bestow on whomever He choses for whatever purpose He may
    >have. As has been put by others much more eloquent than I, the
    >mystery is not why God judges sinners, but why God is merciful toward

    Terry, you've left the science out of your religion. That leaves you
    with dogma. Not very attractive. Science says human suffering is a
    result of imperfect evolution. You say that "God made us to suffer"
    (unless you've changed your stance to believe in a literal Adam, Eve,
    the garden and talking snake). I assume that you consider yourself
    an ethical person. How do you justify promoting this hateful,
    judgmental God? Note: you can't say "because the Bible says so"
    because you believe in evolution and the Bible clearly does not.


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