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Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 12:02:24 EST

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    > > > 1. "Kung fu don't work on a twelve-gauge."
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    > > This above is an unintelligible response.
    > I said that Rich could have the last word but should perhaps add that
    > my #1
    > above - which is not original with me - was intended as a tongue in cheek
    > comment on the
    > statement "Cunning always wins out, even over physical violence."
    > Shalom,
    > George
    > George L. Murphy

    Kung fu and a shotgun are both physical violence so I don't know how your
    statement is relevant to mine regarding cunning and physical violence.

    Your reference to Judah's ruling is an incorrect reading of Scripture.
    Judah's rule is conditional and only lasts as long as "the obedience of the
    nations is his." Joseph on the other hand, "the archers savagely attacked
    him, they shot at him and pressed him hard, but their bow was splintered by
    the ETERNAL." The blessing continues, "The blessings... shall be on the head
    of Joseph, on the brow of the PRINCE among his brothers." Who rules here
    with God's blessing and Jacob's blessing? It is Joseph, not Judah. Physical
    violence as scripture indicates is ineffective against Joseph.

    I do accept that an unforeseen interpretation of scripture may be difficult
    to digest.
    thanks for the opportunity to elucidate my position and thanks to the

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