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    > 1. "Kung fu don't work on a twelve-gauge."

    This above is an unintelligible response.

    > 2. In your analysis of the blessing of Jacob you read in faults of Judah
    > which are in fact not mentioned in the blessing itself & ignore the fact
    > that he is to be the ruler.

    I gave the chapter/verse of the blessing because most but not all of the
    information was there - but Judah's facts are in genesis - is some of genesis
    uninspired? where can I find a guide that shows me which passages are
    acceptable as scripture and which are not? But having said that, here is
    genesis,"God sent me ahead of you to ensure that you will have descendants on
    earth and to preserve you all, a great band of survivors." (Joseph to his
    brothers) . genesis 45:5.

    3. Much of your discussion involves reading things into the texts that
    aren't there. > have already given a number of examples of this - examples
    > which you ignore. I.e., what you think the scriptures are conveying is
    > largely what you are putting into scripture.

    Each objection you mentioned was countered with evidence of my position
    directly from scripture. you simply ignored my evidence. I provided
    chapter/verse for a second generation that sprung up from Jacob manifesting
    the judgment of God. You gave me 'kung fu.' The words of God in genesis, the
    elder shall serve the younger, supported my position. St. augustine
    supported my interpretation of the elder shall serve the younger and jacob's
    blessing clearly shows the differences in fate between the sons of leah and
    the sons of rachel further supporting my contention that breeding for
    intelligence is found in genesis. The quotes from paul johnson (historian)
    and kevin macdonald (evolutionary psychologist) serve to illustrate that
    ashkenazi breeding for intelligence is a fact and is historically and
    scientifically attested.

    A fruitful exchange...


    > 4. I don't think it profitable to continue this discussion. You may
    > conclude if you
    > wish.
    > Shalom,
    > George

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