George's reply to Howard

Date: Thu Dec 05 2002 - 11:14:01 EST

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    George, in replying to Howard, wrote: "The Bible presents a lot of
    its heroes "warts & all" - Abraham trading his wife for his own
    safety, Jacob the swindler, David the adulterer, &c. There is no
    reason to claim that these behaviors are being approved. Israel is
    simply being honest about who it is."

    George - would you extend this argument to I Sam 15 also? This is the
    passage where Samuel, claiming to speak for God, tells the Hebrews to
    slaughter ALL the Amelekites, including the infants, and when Saul
    does not QUITE obey, murdering the infants, it seems, but sparing the
    Amelekite king and the livestock, Saul is punished by God.

    Is the text "being honest" about the character of God -- or would you
    offer another interpretation here (I hope so).


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