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Date: Thu Dec 05 2002 - 07:45:09 EST

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    Vernon wrote:

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    >Josh, Glenn et al,
    >Further to the matter of detecting ET and initiating dialogue, I thought it
    >would be a useful exercise to consider how we might best respond
    >to a signal
    >of appropriate specified complexity. It occurred to me that within the
    >first billion natural numbers are just 8 triangular numbers (distinguished
    >by the fact that the sides and perimeters of these triangles are themselves
    >triangular) which might be used to convey the significant information that
    >we earthlings are essentially denary beings whose methods of number
    >representation and measurement are based on the use of ten as collective
    >Since my arguments require graphical support I have set them up as a web
    >page at the address
    >I would greatly appreciate your comments.

    A much easier way would be to send pictures. One would need to tell the
    alien how to arange the bits (matrix size) but pictures seem easier to me.
    If I were in charge of SETI, and I received the first 100 primes, I would
    transmit the 101st hoping that they would then send the 102 back. The
    problem with all of this is that I might have to wait 4 years (minimum) to
    get a response. If I don't, then we are probably dealing with a prankster
    using satellite technology.


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