Re: Aliens (was:RE: Dembski and Caesar cyphers)

From: Vernon Jenkins (
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 18:28:20 EST

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    Josh, Glenn et al,

    Further to the matter of detecting ET and initiating dialogue, I thought it
    would be a useful exercise to consider how we might best respond to a signal
    of appropriate specified complexity. It occurred to me that within the
    first billion natural numbers are just 8 triangular numbers (distinguished
    by the fact that the sides and perimeters of these triangles are themselves
    triangular) which might be used to convey the significant information that
    we earthlings are essentially denary beings whose methods of number
    representation and measurement are based on the use of ten as collective

    Since my arguments require graphical support I have set them up as a web
    page at the address

    I would greatly appreciate your comments.


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