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Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 17:55:02 EST

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    > Howard, Bob
    > I would see this as a demonstration of God's grace. God's promise to
    > Jacb was not
    > contigent on Jacob's behaviour, but not does it approve of it. None
    > of us deserves
    > anything of God and all of us are as crooked as Jacob. To say that God
    > somehow
    > approves of Jacob's actions or that this is an example a religious
    > community seeking

    I don't know if I mentioned God promising Jacob anything or saying something
    about seeking divine approval. God PREDICTED Jacob's getting the birthright
    while comforting his mother, why would God not 'approve' of his own
    prediction ("one shall be stronger than the other")? Even Isaac refuses to
    grant esau the birthright and his blessing to esau is a form of curse "your
    dwelling shall be far from the richness of the earth." I don't know what this
    has to do with a community seeking divine approval. I did mention that it
    would not be unusual for a modern orthodox jewish community to maintain
    ancient practices as described in the OT. Note that esau carries a sword and
    jacob uses cunning. today, orthodox Jews are conscientous objectors while
    maintaining the highest IQs in the world in their ashkenazi populations. They
    do not carry a sword but they are cunning.

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