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Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 17:32:53 EST

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    > Wally wrote: "For Jim to make the trip from YEC to non YEC to
    > agnostic may well be a good
    > thing. who is to say where that journey will end? His current
    >agnosticism could
    > well be a process, not a final event in itself."
    > Interesting idea. That was just about the journey CS Lewis made (see
    > the recent book THE RELUCTANT CONVERT by Downing. Lewis of course was
    > never a YEC, but he was a nominal Xtian who expressed almost the
    > identical comments as our young friend Jim -- then (painfully)
    > completed the process back to -- first -- theism and two years later,
    > Xtianity.

    For those who never experienced it, I can say that it is very painful.

    I do not know where Lewis said it but I remember the comment that "a
    man searching
    for God is like a mouse searching for the cat" (to illustrate when
    man finds God).
    That is true!

    But that time passes and now we can go on to what the Lord expects of us as
    committed Christians and scientists rather than getting hung up on
    neophytes like



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