Re: Evolution & Identity of the ID designer

Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 17:33:31 EST

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    > Here's another hypothesis to consider: Human nature -- especially as it is
    > expressed within a zealous religious community -- is inclined toward making
    > unwarranted and boastful claims of divine approval (or divine instruction)
    > for its own lust for power and control.
    > When we saw that in the 9/11 episode, we were repulsed. Should we be any
    > less repulsed when we see it incorporated in canonical text?
    > Howard Van Till

    I'm having that argument on the hbe-l list. No, you should not be repulsed
    by the self sacrifice which is central to personal religion. How one uses the
    self sacrifice is another matter entirely. Evil is evil.
    I do laud your remark however. It is fashion to regard the koran as being
    evil and hateful. The OT makes the koran look like a children's book.
    I would suggest to you that the current trend to denigrate religion because
    of the zeal is being aimed at Christians to make them lose sight of the power
    in their religion.


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