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Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 19:54:58 EST

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    I think we are talking at crossed purposes here.

    --- wrote:
    > In a message dated 12/2/02 8:35:19 AM Eastern
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    > writes:
    > One of his examples was the giraffe's neck
    > which he thought got
    > stretched trying to reach food in high places and
    > was then inherited by the
    > giraffe's offspring.

    Which of course is a form of natural selection.
    Long-necked giraffes survive because they can eat
    leaves higher in trees.

    Please understand, I am not advocating (nor even
    describing) any of the positions. I was simply
    pointing out that "evolution" is a broad term that
    does not describe causal mechanisms in any detail and
    that particular theories (such as neo-Darwinism, etc.)
    postulate different causal mechanisms for how
    evolution takes place.

    I was passing no judgment on the fitness of any of
    those theories. If this still causes you confusion, I
    don't think I can help clarify it further.

    > In order to appreciate what I have to say, you have
    > to be open and have some
    > understanding of natural selection.

    I think I understand completely what you said.
    However, I think you were confused regarding the very
    limited point I was trying to make. Hopefully, this
    clears up all the confusion.

    Best Regards,


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