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Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 12:05:52 EST

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    > The question of _how_ evolution takes place is of course more difficult.
    > But we
    > would avoid a lot of wasted time & posturing if we would agree that it
    > _has_ taken
    > place.
    > Shalom,
    > George

    Yes, why waste time. I would like to draw your attention to two at first
    seemingly disconnected facts. In the Bell Curve, a study of IQ differentials,
    an entire page is devoted to identifying the group with the highest mean IQ
    in the world. That group is Ashkenazi Jewry from Eastern Europe with a mean
    IQ of 117. The way this is accomplished within one of these religious
    communities is by marrying the daughters of the grand rebbes ONLY to the most
    brilliant of the young religious men in the community (who later become the
    grand rebbe) suggesting that there is a definite connection between high IQ
    and breeding practice among Ashkenazi Jewry. Now that you've read that fact,
    I would like to point out that in the Origin of Species Darwin points out
    that "as can be seen in genesis, the colour of domestic animals was at that
    early period attended to," but he does not give chapter and verse. I found
    it. It's Genesis 28 and 29, the story of Jacob, his wives and Laban's flocks.
    If you read the chapters carefully you will immediately notice the connection
    between the marrying practices of Ashkenazi Jewry, their IQ and Jacob's
    concerns over having a "dull eyed" wife, concerns which prompt him to take
    retaliatory action against laban by WEAKENING the breed of his flocks.
    Evolution takes place as a result of differential reproductive success. The
    fittest survive. If you take selection out of the hands of nature and put it
    in a breeder's hands, the breeder becomes the selecting environment and
    evolves the form/traits he chooses. If he chooses that the product of his
    efforts have high intelligence, he selects for intelligence. Only the fittest
    are allowed to (survive) be grand rebbe.
    The conclusion:
    Jews (on average) are the smartest people in the world because they are
    descended from orthodox breeding communities who obey God's Law as it is
    expounded in genesis. The Bible is biologically accurate. This is a known
    fact among many academics, among them Kevin MacDonald, author of a trilogy on
    Judaism, and others. If the Jews are indeed the smartest people in the world
    as a result of following God's Law, what are we doing?

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