Re: Evolution & Identity of the ID designer

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Date: Sun Dec 01 2002 - 14:15:17 EST

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    Of course it is a list of things which if demonstrable will conclusively =
    refute evolution.
    Hence all the silly arguments about proving a young earth

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         Evolution is easily falsifiable.=20
         1.) Find human fossils in the mid-Tertiary or earlier=20
         2.) Find palaeozoic mammals=20
         3) Precambrian vertebrates.=20
         4) A young or a youngish earth i.e less than 100 million - consider =
         Kelvin nearly did to evolution after 1860=20
         5)0 our DNA more like insects than rats=20

         We could go on.=20

         Hasn't anyone got the skill to falsify evolution on these points=20



       You've posted a list - how does your list falsify evolution?=20

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