Re: Historical evidence for Jesus

From: Dr. Blake Nelson (
Date: Tue Oct 29 2002 - 23:15:52 EST

Testimony is certainly evidence and much if not most
of what scientists do and believe is based on
testimony every bit as much as Christian belief is
based on testimony regarding the life, death and
resurrection of Jesus.

As I recall, there is a fellow at Cambridge who has
written about the role of testimony in science and
epistemology by the name of Peter Lipton. The fact of
the matter we rely on testimony in everything. I
think that Lipton had a four part article on the
metanexus mailing list about the epistemology of
testimony. That may be something to share with your
atheist friends, Burgy.

--- John W Burgeson <> wrote:

> Dick is right. Testimony IS evidence. In my
> Compuserve discussions with
> my atheist friends, I can seldom, if ever, get them
> to see that
> elementary fact. Both Civil and Criminal courts are
> based on testimonies,
> of course. So our faith is not "blind faith."
> George is right too. The evidence -- the testimonies
> of both scripture
> and of persons we encounter in our life's walk, is
> necessary, but not
> sufficient. Before I was a Christian, I had
> encountered a lot of both of
> these. While I respected them, they were not
> persuasive.
> So what else is needed? I think one thing is needed
> from the human side
> -- a willingness to yield to the divine -- to allow
> him/her/it to speak
> to us. When one does that, I believe, the grace of
> God will break
> through, and faith will result. Sometimes as an
> epiphany (as I had), but
> perhaps more often by a more gradual awakening.
> More about this on page 2 of my web site.
> John Burgeson (Burgy)
> (an eclectic site about science/theology,
> quantum mechanics,
> ethics, baseball, humor, cars, philosophy,

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