Re: Historical evidence for Jesus

From: Dick Fischer (
Date: Mon Oct 28 2002 - 10:19:00 EST

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    Paul wrote:

    >I guess just about everyone on this list takes
    > it on faith that Jesus Christ was a historical character.

    And evidence. The personal testimony of Paul is that he was confronted on
    the road to Damascus by the risen Christ. Then his life did an abrupt
    about face.

    Matthew, John and Peter were in the group of disciples when Christ appeared
    and showed them the proof of His resurrection. Each wrote of the
    resurrection. And all but John were martyred for their belief.

    Testimony is evidence. Blind faith not required.

    > The Bible is a collection of books. They must each be treated on their own
    >merits; and the gospels, for my money especially Mark and Luke, are as sound
    >a historical foundation as for any history in the ancient world.


    Dick Fischer - Genesis Proclaimed Association
    "Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History"

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