The other two fallacies

Date: Sat Oct 26 2002 - 14:00:33 EDT

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    From: John W Burgeson <>

    Several people have asked me what the other two fallacies are in the oil

    The first fallacy is the assumption that by buying a gallon of gas from
    Hess that somehow you are depriving the Saudis of the profit on the oil
    needed to produce this gallon of gas. Glenn's comments apply to this

    The second fallacy is the assumption that the writer of the silly spam
    note makes when he/she explains how the message can quickly reach so many
    people. The math assumes that everyone would send the message to a unique
    group of people, who would in turn send it on to another unique group.
    That is unlikely to happen even on round one, less likely on succeeding
    rounds. So the growth of the message throughout the population would
    necessarily be much slower than the math indicates.

    Yes, there is a third fallacy. If enough people bug me I will post it,
    else I will assume that it is pretty obvious.

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