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Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 18:09:31 EDT

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    Matt13.55 speaks of James et al being brothers adelphoi of Jesus. Arndt and
    Gingrich - the main greek lexicon cannot see how adelphos can mean cousin.

    The RC argument is basically syllogistic starting from the premise of Mary's
    perpetual virginity.

    So no linguistic argument , simply a necessity of Marian dogma along with
    HER immacualte conception and assumption


    > All,
    > The ossuary in question is supposed to be that of "James the son of
    > Joseph, the brother of Jesus." In the newspaper account of this, it
    > was indicated that the Catholic church maintains that "James, the
    > brother of Jesus" means "cousin." Do any of the language experts here
    > know if there is any linguistic basis for this claim, or is it just a
    > doctrinal necessity?
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