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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Mon Oct 21 2002 - 17:31:48 EDT

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    Don posted, in part:

    >>Just out of curiosity, how many years did you serve in the military?>>

    Although I tried twice to enlist, I was rejected both times because of a
    knee injury suffered at age 14.

    Whatever that has to do with anything I do not know.

    (Long "what if" story snipped)

    >>And all this time, I had the impression that you were in favor of gun

    Actually, I have no particular position on gun control. I have owned both a
    22 rifle and two pistols, one an antique with sentimental value. When I gave
    up target shooting, I sold the rifle. When I moved into civilization from a
    very rural setting (50 years ago) I gave away the one pistol. The antique
    pistol is still in the attic of a house I sold in 1968.

    Gun control is one of the many ethical issues I have not studied, and so to
    have a position on it, for or against, would not be seemly.


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