Assistance Requested

From: Dick Fischer (
Date: Mon Oct 21 2002 - 15:32:58 EDT

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    To the group:

    Don Perrett and I have formed an association that seeks harmony between
    Bible, science and history. We have a web page with biblical, scientific
    and historical resources that we believe are useful to that end.

    Succinctly put, we trust in the reliability of scientific methods and have
    no argument with current scientific theories of explanation. We also
    believe in the historical integrity of Genesis 1-11. Putting the two
    side-by-side and resolving seeming conflicts is the trick, of course, and
    whether we have done it or not, the world can decide.

    If you know of web pages or published articles that might be useful, please
    forward them so that they may be added to the list.


    Dick Fischer - Genesis Proclaimed Association
    "Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History"

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