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From: Jonathan Clarke (
Date: Mon Oct 21 2002 - 03:25:12 EDT

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    Bizzare and rather sad.

    On one hand there is the thought of children being taught such
    slanted tripe. On
    the other hand there is the hassling of the group by public officials
    in such an
    oppressive way. I find it enlightening as to how divided US culture is between
    the religious and the secular. Certainly nothing like that would happen here.

    Jon wrote:

    > Anyone ever heard of B.C. (biblically correct) Tours? The cover story in the
    > local Denver "alternative" newspaper, Westword, describes a group that leads
    > YEC tours through the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and other places of
    > 'evolutionism' (such as the Denver Zoo!!). I won't pretend that Westword is
    > fair but the article gives a good idea of why YEC continues to grow. This
    > tour is apparently quite popular with the homeschooling crowd.
    > At least for the time being, the article "Origin of the Specious" is online
    > at
    > Try not to get too depressed reading it!
    > Karl
    > ************************
    > Karl V. Evans

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