Re: Thorough Humiliation of Bible "scholars"

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sun Oct 20 2002 - 06:48:24 EDT

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    Hi Jan,

    I am very sorry about your uncle. My mom once gave me the
    definition of history as a record of man's inhumanity to man.

    Obviously, my post was not a personal attack.

    It was intended to be a commentary on the incredible amounts of
    garbage that I have been discovering recently in the name of

    I hate to say it, but scholarship has it's biases. This is a
    generalization, but liberal scholarship doesn't take the Bible
    seriously enough. Conservative scholarship, um, is arrogant.

    We have people on this list who seem to think that Noah's flood
    being millions of years ago is remotely realistic.

    My conservative Bible commentaries fudge Bible discrepancies.

    I haven't added up all the Bible chronology for the Exodus. The
    links that I posted claim that it adds up to more than 480 years
    from Solomon's temple.

    The Bible claims to be God's word. People on this list claim to
    be Christians. If Christians are going to contradict God's Word,
    backup needs to be provided.

    My tentative backup for claiming an earlier Exodus date is that
    the Hebrews excluded 100 or so years in their "480" number, as
    was customary at the time. It's not my #1 concern in life. My
    far bigger concern (and hence the reason for my post) is that
    scholars are often grossly untrustworthy. We have Bibles going
    around the world proclaiming a global flood. This is the
    scholarship of deceit.

    Jim Eisele
    Genesis in Question

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