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Date: Fri Oct 18 2002 - 11:05:02 EDT

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    I think that your meditation on the creation is great. I have to be
    offline from
    ASA for a few weeks. Could you add my name to distribution for these.

    One phase in the text caused a question to pop into my mind. It is not directly
    related to what you said but rather to things that occasionally are
    posted about
    Biblical scholars. It is often said that Biblical Scholars reach certain
    conclusions about certain texts based upon their studies of the hebrew language
    and the style of the texts. Yet at the same time, we clearly see how Paul
    interpreted the OT to be pretty much literal in areas where modern scholars

    If the disagreement is because of scientific discoveries, I can understand it,
    However, I have difficulty believe that modern scholars are better equipped to
    understand the intent of jewish writings than were the jewish scholars at the
    time of Christ. Can you or someone else help me to understand this?



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