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    >I would add the claim that if one is a fundamentalist leader...that
    >the probability of holding each of these positions is more likely
    >90% or more.<

    I am rather doubtful of the assessment of several of these
    individuals as likely to agree with the whole list, especially with
    regard to the political issues. E.g., I do not think Franklin
    Graham's Samaritain's Purse promotes the view that the needy do not
    deserve help. This excessively broad brush does more to stereotype
    than to characterize.

    Part of the overall problem here comes from the fact that the extreme
    fringes are the noisiest and most popular for media coverage. Thus,
    while Burgy doubtless does know many people from a liberal
    perspective who are sincerely committed to free speech, not
    suppressing free speech is not a very visible activity. On the other
    hand, those who claim to support free speech while actively opposing
    freedom of religious expression in public places, disrupting
    conservative speakers, suppressing antiabortion information, or
    otherwise rejecting the right of someone to disagree with their views
    are not only hypocrites but very publicly so. Likewise, many
    organizations seek to care for women who might consider abortion,
    encouraging them to think about alternatives while caring for the
    individuals whatever they do. However, the tasteless
    confrontationalists and the terrorists are the abortion opponents who
    make the news.

    The same problem applies to many of the challenges in science and
    religion. Shouting gets more publicity than thinking.

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