Liberalism & Conservativism

From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 15:56:24 EDT

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    I have stumbled on two rather good articles by a UT prof.

    The Problem with Conservativism is at


    The Problem with Liberalism is at

    The moral errors of Conservatism are:

    1. Civil Religionism
    2. Instrumentalism
    3. Moralism
    4. Caesarism
    5. Traditionalism
    6. Neutralism
    7. Mammonism
    8. Meritism

    and the moral errors of Liberalism are:

    1. Propitiationism
    2. Expropriationism
    3. Solipsism
    4. Absolutionism
    5. Perfectionism
    6. Universalism
    7. Neutralism
    8. Collectivism

    The author is a Christian, and places his essays in that light.

    Recommended reading. First published in 1996. Blake Nelson suggested
    sharpening our debate points. This may help.

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