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Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 15:01:34 EDT

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    Robert wrote, in part:

    " Like Terry, I stoutly maintain that there is no causal connection between
    conservative Christianity and conservative politics."

    I refer you to two recent scholarly books which rather well address this
    issue and demonstrate your claim above to be incorrect.

    1. RELIGION AND POLITICS IN AMERICA, by Fowler, Hertzke and Olson, 2nd
    edition, 1999.
    2. THE GREAT DIVIDE, by Geoffrey Layman, 2001.

    "Don't even bother to waste my time by trying to convince me that pro-choice
    is a Christian option, Burgy. "

    I refer you to Kathleen Parker's "Abortion is more than meets the eye"
    article in the major newspapers this week. She and I "belong to that
    soft-spoken cadre of people who oppose abortion but support choice. We are
    the bane of both sides of the debate ... ."

    "... you have taken cheap shots at a lot of people and-not to put too fine a
    point on it-shot off your mouth without sufficient reflection or Christian
    charity. "

    I appreciate your reasoned, reflective and courteous reply, Robert. Thank

    "I don't intend to respond to the inevitable rejoinder."

    On my Compuserve forum we call this a "drive by shooting." <G>

    Sincere blessings


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