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Date: Tue Oct 15 2002 - 11:25:11 EDT

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    >>I'm not sure I understand the purpose of this list, but as a Christian
    a fundamental theology I'll give you the requested feedback. Assuming I am
    not missing out on some sarcasm, I'll give you my response - although I
    can't take some of these points seriously >>

    Thanks for the reply. The purpose of my list was not to see who agreed with
    what points, but to propose the rather modest claim that if one is a
    fundamentalist Christian living in the USA today that it is likely that he
    or she will hold each of these positions with at least a 75% probability. I
    would add the claim that if one is a fundamentalist leader, such as Jerry
    Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, James Kennedy, Henry Morris, Franklin
    Graham (not his dad), Phyllis Schafley, and I could name others of course,
    that the probability of holding each of these positions is more likely 90%
    or more.

    The claim might also be made that this tendency began about 20 years ago --
    and is growing. Terry, Robert and perhaps others say that treating
    religious, ethical and political positions is a "conflation," meaning that
    it is something not real. A key part of my claim is that such a conflation
    is all too real.

    Ruth Brown's FOR A CHRISTIAN AMERICA is one recent scholarly study that
    investigates this phenomenon. There are others. Terry asked if those
    positions which associated fundamentalism with a political party was made
    "tongue in cheek." I assured him that it was not such.

    I see fundamentalism Xtianity, as described by the leaders I mentioned
    above, as a terrible threat to the American structure, to Civil Rights, to
    First Amendment rights, to any minority group within our country that takes
    a different view of the world than the fundamentalist leaders. I also see it
    as a growing presence in our country, and certainly as growing in political


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