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Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 17:56:10 EDT

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    Jay Willingham wrote:

    >Ian and I disagree, Dick.

    Does this mean you also disagree with Gesenius? He explained
    transmission errors in Scripture as follows:

    "The causes of unintentional corruption in the great majority of
    cases are--Interchange of similar letters, which has sometimes taken
    place in the early `Phoenician' writing; transposition or omissions
    of single letters, words, or even whole sentences, which are then
    often added in the margin and thence brought back into the text in
    the wrong place; such omission is generally due to homoioteleuton,
    i.e. erroneous repetition of letters, words, and even sentences; its
    opposite, haplography; and lastly wrong division of words, since at a
    certain period in the transmission of the text the words were not
    separated. --Intentional changes are due to corrections for the sake
    of decency or of dogma, and to the insertion of glosses, some of them
    very early."

    Think being a translator is easy? Try this sentence in English.


    Struggling? Okay, try this version:

    Also, please keep in mind, the original Hebrew text was written
    without vowels or punctuation.

    I know, it would be nice to think that the original "God-breathed"
    Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Scriptures were perfectly preserved today
    in English. That, indeed, would be nice.

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