Re: common language/football

From: Kamilla Ludwig (
Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 13:58:22 EDT

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    FINALLY! An ASA discussion I can understand! I love this one, Ted!

    Anyone know what an articulated lorry is? (hint: it's not a well-spoken

      (Go Arsenal! - I have a friend who is a huge Arsenal fan)

    On Mon, 14 Oct 2002 08:54:17 -0400 "Ted Davis" <>
    > My all-time favorite sign for illustrating transatlantic differences
    > in our
    > common language, was a large sign planted on the lawn of an
    > attractive old
    > country inn (yes, Michael Roberts, I do mean a "pub") somewhere in
    > Yorkshire. I still blame myself almost monthly for failing to take
    > a
    > photograph. Here's what it said:

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