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From: Ted Davis (
Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 08:54:17 EDT

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    I have tried not to add further comments on the baseball/football/UKvsUSA
    theme, partly b/c I do want to be sensitive to Terry Gray's time.

    So I apologize for a second comment, but truly I can't resist this one.

    My all-time favorite sign for illustrating transatlantic differences in our
    common language, was a large sign planted on the lawn of an attractive old
    country inn (yes, Michael Roberts, I do mean a "pub") somewhere in
    Yorkshire. I still blame myself almost monthly for failing to take a
    photograph. Here's what it said:


    As an American who actually prefers English "football" to the American
    variety (note please that the Messiah "soccer" team won the NCAA division
    III title two years ago, and almost repeated last year), I really do like
    this sign and wish I'd gotten a photo to blow up for my office door.

    If you haven't gotten the joke yet, you need to realize that a "coach" in
    the UK is a motorcoach, ie. what we call a "bus." And, that some English
    football clubs have fans that are legendary for their rowdiness....

    ted davis

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