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Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 21:07:36 EDT

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    Don, You didn't say what you think Jesus meant.


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    > Helping others is not always the issue with some conservatives. It is
    > to help. According to the GAO the government spends about 53% to
    > the AFDC/TANF program. Similar programs ran by NPO, such as Red Cross,
    > Salvation Army, Churches, etc spend an average of 12% to run their
    > Is it cost beneficial to through money at the government in an attempt to
    > help the poor? Sounds worse than MAFIA rates. The money wasted by the
    > government on these programs is far too much. The dilemma is that the
    > doesn't want to loose the government jobs/control and the "right" doesn't
    > want to spend the money. If the amount of money spent were actually going
    > the people perhaps the problem would be so great. Someone would need to go
    > into detail to fix the governmental processes. The "right" doesn't care,
    > they just want the money to go elsewhere, right. Well then perhaps the
    > "left" should get up and make the organizational/structural changes needed
    > to make the programs more effective. Then the "right" would not be able to
    > cut programs that everyone knows "works". Why don't they? Because if they
    > did, the number of government jobs(not poor by the way) would be decreased
    > and therefore they would lose votes. Like biting off ones foot, huh? Point
    > is: Neither party truly cares. The power they have is all that matters.
    > Money and power. There are no race/religion/gender/etc problems. The
    > conflict, as has always been the case, is rich vs poor. Those who have and
    > those who want. And although no one should have to suffer in poverty and
    > starvation, let's not forget "Thou shalt not covet". I am definitely in
    > lower middle class(nearly poor, was as a child though) and yet I do not
    > income tax(national sales tax would hurt me since I get EIC) nor do I want
    > government help, though I qualify. I am me and that is all that counts.
    > should I question the lot which GOD has given me?
    > Don Perrett
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    > When Jesus said to his disciples, "The poor you will always have with
    > I think he meant, "so always take care of them and do whatever you can to
    > allieviate their condition," and not, as so many have read it in order to
    > justify their doing nothing or opposing government efforts to relieve
    > poverty, "well, too bad." Matt. 25:31ff is my "intertextual take" on what
    > Jesus meant.
    > Bob Schneider

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