Thorough Humiliation of Bible "scholars"

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Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 07:18:17 EDT

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    I continue to study relevant Christian issues. Why? Because
    so-called Christian leaders have the backbone of jellyfish.

    Every shred of evidence that I uncover points to the translation
    of Gen 7:20 as "mountains" instead of "hills" as thoroughly

    Now it appears that "scholars" can't even figure out a sensible
    date for the Exodus.

    There is REAL evidence that the Exodus occurred in 1550 BC or

    These are the beginnings of my studies

    An excerpt states

    >>If the Exodus was around 1550 BC then Abraham was in Canaan around 1980 BC
    near the beginning of the 12th Dynasty in Egypt. This would place Joseph in
    Egypt during the rise of the Hyksos to power at the end of the 12th Dynasty.
    Today there is a major problem in understanding these verses because of the
    fundamentalist position of taking every word of scripture literally with out
    taking into account the figure of speeches used in Hebrew, and the way the
    Jews tabulated a chronology and constructed a genealogy. When all of these
    things are taken into account scripture and history can be harmonized.>>


    where an excerpt reads

    >>This conflict is easily seen by adding up the well-known 40 years of
    wilderness wandering, 410 years of alternating periods of oppression and
    deliverance recorded in the book of Judges, 40 years for the career of Eli,
    40 years for the reign of Saul, and 40 years for the reign of David. This
    already totals 570 years, though it does not include the time during which
    Joshua led Israel, nor the career of Samuel, and the two, while not
    specified Biblically, must certainly total to something greater than 30
    years (they probably total close to 80 years in fact). Thus, the Biblical
    stipulation of 480 years from the Exodus to Solomon given in 1 Kings 6:1
    conflicts with the greater than 600 year total for this same time period
    which one can calculate from chronological data given elsewhere in the
    Bible. (Aardsma 27)

    To summarize, although the early traditional date for the Exodus is
    consistent with the uncorrected reading of 1 Kings 6:1, it is inconsistent
    with other Biblical chronological data>>

    Sometimes thinking being a Christian is setting yourself up
    for a world of disappointment (and yes, much more than a little

    Jim Eisele
    Genesis in Question

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