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From: Don Perrett-VP GPA (
Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 06:05:24 EDT

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    >>>Ten years from now, will we look back to this fall, and wish that our
    middle eastern war had gone as well as Vietnam?

    Just out of curiosity, how many years did you serve in the military?
    What would be better:
    1) 1000 soldiers who volunteered and are willing to give their life for
    their country, prepared and well equipped, able to defend country and
    themselves, able to fight back at any enemy, DIE.

    2) 10,000 innocent, unprepared, unsuspecting, unequipped, civilians, on our
    own soil, DIE from some God awful NBC ("Nuclear/Biological/Chemical" to
    military folk) attack. Supplied or actually conducted by Saddam Hussein.
    Which in the end would mean our military going in anyway.

    3) 1,000,000 innocent, unprepared, unsuspecting, unequipped, foreign
    civilians on their own soil DIE over the course of the next ten years by the
    hands of Saddam Hussein. Which in the end would mean our military going in

    The Iraqis are not the problem. The weapons alone are not the problem. The
    problem is having weapons in the hands of a radical, murdering, middle
    eastern dictator, who hates our country for getting in his way years ago,
    and who has used and WILL use NBC weapons at the first available chance he
    gets, against anyway, but more specifically the U.S. I would certainly
    understand this point of view if everyone who subscribes to it is willing to
    move into one state and we then allow anyone and everyone to bring anything
    they want into the state so that the first attack would be one them. Some
    would say that going after him will cause us to be attacked by him. Well If
    that's the fear, why? Apparently you don't think he is capable of doing it
    or has the weapons, otherwise you'd want to take them away from him,
    wouldn't you? If you know your child has a gun in his hand, that you know he
    may hurt himself or others with, wouldn't you want to take it from him? Or
    would you let him kill himself or someone else? And can you imagine that the
    kid doesn't want to hurt anyone? Now what about in the hands of someone that
    does want to hurt someone?

    And all this time, I had the impression that you were in favor of gun
    control. Or is that just for Americans and not Iraqis with WMD.

    Don Perrett

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