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Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 06:04:31 EDT

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    Concerning your comments below:
    I might agree that some conservatives/Republicans may see Democrats/liberals
    as being less Christian than themselves, not that I do, but I must point out
    that this thread and apparent need to involve politics into theology was
    started by a liberal. It would seem to me that the entire point of the so
    called "list" of fundamentalists was to make the point that conservatives
    are less forgiving and therefore less Christian. One's politics and
    religious beliefs are between God and the individual alone. If one believes
    in homosexuality or abortion, that is for them to explain to God not I. What
    I believe is judged by God alone. Being less of a Christian is not the
    issue. Being a Christian which tries to follow what they believe God and
    Christ would want is. If we do things that we know God does not want us to
    do, either individually or as a society, just because we feel that we are
    saved, we will doom ourselves and those we touch. Each individuals action
    has an affect on everyone else's life. Some may think that being homosexual,
    killing our unborn, not allowing prayer in schools, etc may be accepted by
    God, but then the same people who believe this are the ones recently saying
    that perhaps the Islamic terrorists had a reason for 9/11. They hate our
    government policies. It is our religion and more particularly our so called
    religious acceptance (forgive all) that they hate. Until we understand that
    our "liberalism" is what is destroying us, we will end up just like the
    Greeks and Romans. Some may have heard of the recent beauty pageant
    contestant that was rejected because she promoted abstenace instead of "safe
    sex". She of course did not say to have safe sex, but rather that not having
    in the first place is the safest sex. It amazes me how liberals have no
    problem with violating the First Amendment when it suites them, but them
    turn around and scream about their rights when it comes to having computer
    generated children in the nude or engaged in sexual conduct. That does not
    mean we need to condemn or banish those that do these things. Forgive one
    another but only if they are repentant. If one cannot accept for themselves
    that they have done wrong, no one, not even God can forgive them, for they
    cannot forgive themselves in their own hearts. If someone were repeatedly
    engaging in "actual" sex with a minor, would anyone on this list say it was
    ok? Why? Where in the Bible does it say it's wrong? The OT? Well according
    to some on the list, the OT is OLD and things like homosexuality, women's
    rights, etc are outdated and wrong. OK. Well then I suppose murder, child
    rape and other such things are ok. Point is we can make the Bible read as we
    like, but each of us must ask ourselves in our hearts what is right. If one
    can walk into a church, open a Bible and say to God, "Thank you Lord for
    giving such a great day. Today I killed my unborn son and I feel great." If
    not then they should look within themselves and the Bible for guidance.
    Let's quit looking for acceptance of others and groups. We want to be
    accepted so bad, but we want to take the easy road. Rather than changing to
    fit what we know is right, we want everyone else to accept our faults. The
    only one we must answer to is GOD.

    Don Perrett

    >>>>>I understand Terry's misgivings about what he sees in Burgy's list as a
    conflation of politics with theology, but I think there is some merit in
    Burgy's doing so in the context of some expressions of American-style
    Christianity. Unfortunately, there are many fundamental believers in the US
    who have done just that--conflated the two: they have politicized their
    theology and theologized their politics. The moral-theological positions of
    some on abortion, homosexuality, school prayer, gun control, and YEC are so
    often articulated in political terms, that one wonders if it is possible for
    some now to separate them in their minds. I saw a bumper sticker here in
    Boone recently that reflects this: "Christian--and a Democrat!" This
    person obviously felt the need to make the point that you don't have to be a
    Republican in order to be a "true Christian."

    This politico-theology phenomenon is not confined to fundamental Christians
    of the Protestant variety. An elderly Catholic woman reported during the
    2000 election that she received a letter from her priest, who noticed the
    "Vote Democrat" bumper sticker on her auto and informed her that he would
    not administer communion to her if she was going to vote with the
    abortionists. She was outraged, of course (she opposes abortion), but the
    anecdote illustrates the extent to which some go on such matters.

    As for dispensationalist theology, thanks to the phenomenal success of the
    Left Behind movement, it seems to me that there are many conservative
    Christians who are buying this theology without realizing what it is. From
    what I have read of LaHaye's work there is a clear political agenda wedded
    to his dispensationalism.

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