Baseball/Football/Soccer thread--Reminder from the moderator

From: Terry M. Gray (
Date: Sat Oct 12 2002 - 16:15:26 EDT

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    Hi everyone,

    Although a little levity is good for the list from time to time,
    please keep in mind that the moderator (yours truly) has to process
    each message that is sent to the list. It takes about 30 seconds per
    message to open it, read it, edit the headers, and send it on. Please
    think twice about whether your message is really worth the effort
    that I have to put into moderating it.

    Also, I apologize for the delay of getting messages through in the
    last few days. There's a departmental project going on that is nearly
    all-consuming. I haven't even had time to read my Apple Computer
    news! I usually sort through list messages just twice a day.


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